1.Ed's BanjoView vote results12/12/1999
2.Douglas' DoilyView vote results12/20/1999
3.The Demon ChickenView vote results12/27/1999
4.The Demon of the SeaView vote results1/3/2000
5.The Oil Leak of DoomView vote results1/10/2000
6.The Planet of Infinite Piles of Greasy Good FoodView vote results1/17/2000
7.The Ron of the Ancient PropheciesView vote results1/24/2000
8.Bill's Great DecreeView vote results2/1/2000
9.The Nasty Yellow BirdView vote results2/7/2000
10.The Sacred CeremonyView vote results3/6/2000
11.The Pit of Unforeseen FortuneView vote results3/13/2000
12.WallyView vote results3/21/2000
13.Rocks for AllView vote results3/28/2000
14.The Box of TruthView vote results4/25/2000
15.The End 5/2/2000

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