Ron began to cry loudly. A strange little man popped out from behind a bush on the side of something and handed him a hanky. His name was Wally.
        "Hello, I am Wally," said Wally, "I come to you from behind the bush."
        "Oh," said Ed, "We come from the other side of the bush."
        Wally stood around and looked green for a while. Then he said, "Well, come with me, I have to bring you somewhere?"
        Ron sobbed.
        Ed asked, "Who are you and where are you taking us?"
        "I am a representative," said Wally, "Of a certain society that wishes to speak with you." Wally stood there and looked green again. His hair looked very curly for a while too.
        They walked after Wally, then got bored of following so they walked over a small bridge with a neon sign on it that said, "The fun is this way." I silent agreement between Ron and Ed dictated that they follow the sign rather than the strange little man.
        "You!" yelled the strange little man.
        Ron and Ed ignored him.
        The green little strange curly haired man ran up to them and grabbed them by the pant legs.
        "What do you want?" Ron with a whine.
        "You must come with me!"
        "No," said Ed.
        Ron and Ed carried on in the direction of fun as Wally clung to their legs pleading for them to come with him.
        Soon they arrived at the "Zone of Fun." Ed was sort of disappointed but Ron wasn't. The Zone of Fun was a large shrine filled with boxes full of rocks. The temple had the name "Ron's Temple" on it. Ron marched in as if he was the ruler, and as nobody disputed the issue, he was. The rocks all sat in their boxes and more or less worshipped Ron. This was great. He began to preach his messages of Rondom to the rocks. The rocks listened very intently, and occasionally Ron thought he heard roars of ecstatic cheering.
        Ed watched this procession, and realized that Ron might stay here together.
        "See what I didn't want you to go this way?" asked Wally.
        "No," said Ed.
        "He may never leave the shrine!" said Wally.
        "What's so bad about that?" asked Wally.
        "Because," said Wally who began to whisper, "He was the key to recovering the Galaxy Crystal."
        "What's the Galaxy Crystal?" asked Ed.
        "That's what you've been searching for!" exclaimed Wally who suddenly waved his arms in the air wildly for emphasis.
        "But we weren't suppose to," said Ed.
        "It is no matter, what you were supposed to be doing," said Wally, "You were looking for the Galaxy Crystal. Right now the galaxy is dying because it has not been found, retrieved and brought back!"
        "What's so essential about Ron?"
        "You need someone to carry the Galaxy Crystal, right?" asked Wally.
        "Yeah," said Ed.
        "It's pretty heavy."
        "Oh," said Ed, "Now I regret losing Ron to the shrine."
        "There's your friend Bill," said Wally.
        "Hi Bill," said Ed, "Here's your slab of meat."
        "Thanks for saving it for me," said Bill, "I kinda ran out of that place in a big hurry, so didn't manage to finish it." He took the slab and gnawed on the meat encrusted bone.
        "Tasty," said Bill, "Cold, but tasty."
        They all stood around and watched Ron preach.

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