The Sacred Ceremony

        Not knowing quite how to take all this excitement, Ed took out his dried and pressed bird book to show the group. The princess began to point and scream. She was jumping up and down in a very agony filled manner.
        "Koopa," said one of the priests with a frown. Using an earlobe yank he signaled to several other men. The gathered some rope and walked toward the princess and tied her up tightly. She was very unhappy about all these doings.
        Ed pondered the circumstances he was surrounded with. They were tying up the tribal princess. He had just shone them his book of pressed birds. Ed really hoped they weren't going to make her eat the birds in his book.
        "Koopa," said the priest again. Using a nostril flick he signaled to Ed. Ed was to give the bird book to him. The priest took the book from him violently and shouted, "Koopa."
        The priest then walked towards the princes, she shrieked with horror as he opened the book and raised it into the air. As her screams grew louder he slowly lowered the book over her head. He then put his hands on either side of the book and began to try to press her head into the shape of a pancake so it could be dried and left in Ed's book as a souvenir of his pilgrimage into the wood.
        Ed wanted to object to all these goings on, but he couldn't think of much to say to tell them to stop, other than to say "stop" which failed to evoke any useful emotion from the group. As Ed watched the priest attempt to crush her skull, he noticed that the priest wasn't succeeding. Apparently her skull was as hard as a rock. Soon he gave up and handed the book back to Ed. He was pouting, and sulked off into a corner of the glade.
        The princess gave Ed a rather nasty look as the ropes were taken off of her. A few men headed towards Ed and tried to push him out of the clearing. Ed didn't have any large argument with this, so he left.

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