The Box of Truth

        Ron glared at him intensely and then Bill turned into a box of rocks. They, however, were not rubbery rocks. Ron then continued to stand upon his podium and look out across Ed as if he were not there at all. Ed looked at him as if he weren't there at all either, and walked towards the box of rocks previously known as Wally.
        "Hey, Wally," said Ed.
        The box of rocks looked sadly up at Ed and didn't say a whole lot back. Ed thought he heard a slightly dissatisfied grunt come from the box, but he wasn't sure. Who would want to be a box of rubbery rocks. Actually as Ed looked at him he realized they were fake rubber rocks. They were actually Styrofoam.
        Then Ed strode over the box that had once been Bill. It was also an unhappy little box of rocks.
        "Bill," said Ed, "I know you probably aren't going to appreciate this, but I'm going to look for a cool souvenir of you to take home and remember you by."
        Ed reached into the box and started rooting around for a neat looking rock. He soon found that the box was deeper than it looked. Rather than being a foot cube, it was about that at the top, but 10 feet deep, and seemed to widen out into a cavern. So after tossing a few of the less interesting rocks out of the box he climbed in.

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