The Grand Memoirs of Shenawana Hall
by: Philip Hassey

1.Welcome Weekend, Justin, Highlander7/13/1999
2.Identity Crisis, Baggage Hour, Jon's Noose7/15/1999
3.Dreaming about Linux, Justin and Christafari7/15/1999
4.Space, Francis' Harem, Highlander Girlfriend7/16/1999
5.Fear in First, Dave and Calculus, Fealko7/18/1999
6.The Admiral, Fealko room gets trashed, Frisbee manhood7/19/1999
7.Spiritual Advisor Paul, Holly and Calculus, Boob thing7/21/1999
9.Steve, Pretty girls7/26/1999
10.Dr. Paige7/30/1999
11.Second Semester Harems, Lukey in the Pool8/5/1999
12.Paul's Feet, The Baggage Ceremony8/5/1999
13.The Others, Food8/9/1999
14.Permission from Paul8/20/1999
15.A Year of Nothing, then Pork Rinds8/10/1999
16.The Definitive Work of Theology, Naked Night8/20/1999
18.Kert "the mac" Richardson10/13/0
19.Appendix A - Luke Ulrich's "118 Verses for Life"5/4/2000
20.Appendix B - Refining Gold - by Justin McDonald10/13/2000
21.Appendix C - Streak Naked through the Chapel10/15/2005
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