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November 2, 2007: Summer Sausage Festival

The time has come for us to begin living our lives! Check out for the MOST EXCITING thing that is going to happen in 2007!!!

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April 22, 2007: Barbie Seahorse Adventures!

Get ready for non-stop Mario 3 clone good times! Low res graphics for living it up oldschool! Wheeee! It also just won the teams category in pyweek 4!

Download it now!

- Phil
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April 1, 2007: Want to help make a game? Need artists!


I'm working on a game - sort of a Mario 3 clone. It's going to be all oldschool and low-res and using just a few colors. And I need artists to help make the game! I've already got a few people helping, but the more the merrier. Once the tile graphics are made, I'll also need level designers to put together levels.

The basic plot of the game is "Oh no, the evil overlord stole the galaxy crystal, we must fly up to the moon to get it!" In more concrete terms - first few levels are in a jungle. The next 3 levels are flying up an exploding volcano. The last 3 levels are going to be on the moon.

Also, if you like to do spirite art, that'd be great too! This is all for the pyweek game development competition this week, and should be lots of fun. Check out our entry so far at and join us on #toba on to talk if you're interested in helping out!

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February 16, 2007: A Brain in a Jar!

Hey, everyone wants one. I know I do!
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February 10, 2007: Elephants

Got a great new game out this week: Elephants! - Save giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel! Watch out for the angry natives!

Source .tgz | Windows .zip
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February 9, 2007: Testing my new news!

Hey there folks. I'm just testing out my new news. Boy, new news sure is new!

Anyway, look for lots of swell oodles of stuff coming here soon. Later!

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