Jed the Pet Rock
This is Jed
a story of trauma and introspection

special thanks to the following
(in no particularily signifigant order)
(except Jed is first, because this is about him)
(Kert is next because he is important too)

StewartKert "the mac" Richardson
Hand 1Justin McDonald
The DonkeyBasement
The Pink FlamingoDouglas and Gifford

filmed on location in Shenawana Hall
by Justin McDonald

story written on location in Shenawana Hall
by Philip Hassey

Any similarities to people that we know can be considered as personal jabs against who you are. You are probably Stewart. You'll see what happens to Stewart. What happens to Stewart isn't so nice. You probably wouldn't want it to happen to you either... Perhaps you should stop acting like Stewart.


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