Techno Revival!!!!!! - Nov 10, 2006

Well, fans, the day has finally come! You've been awaiting it for a very long time, and now your wait is rewarded. The Techno Revival CD is here, and ready to grace your ears with audible art and kickin good times! Who could ask for more?

Listen to Negro Breakdown!

Order the CD here!

Live from the Crystal Lodge! - Aug 17, 2006

Here's some video of us playing a week ago -- enjoy!

Thanks to Keller for recording recorded us!

Steve, Pretty girls - Jun 11, 2006

Yet another episode in Shenawana hall, as I continue to battle the forces of evil one pear of white pants at a time.

Steve, Pretty Girls | text

Why I Think Dave Pipher is a Swell Guy - Jun 11, 2006

Dave is this guy I know from somewhere.  This is a really scary picture of him, and this is a really scary story I wrote about him.

Why I Think Dave Pipher is a Swell Guy | text

Watermelonman Walks Abroad - Jun 6, 2006

Though many people enjoy the juicy goodness of watermelons, few pay homage to Watermelonman. This is because (in spite of what he would have you believe) he has nothing to do with watermelons. He is stupid, and he smells of moldy spaghetti. I hate him.  Nonetheless,

Watermelonman Walks Abroad

10 toed sloth - May 30, 2006

Dearest friends, family, and fans. I regret to inform you that this week's chiptune is being put on the shelf and held for a later time (aka. next week). This is so that I can get a week ahead with the tunes, insuring longer(probably), better quality (undoubtably), more in-depth (I guess), not to mention earth-shattering (most certainly) tunes in the future. In the mean time, keep a stiff upper chin, eat some pancakes, make applesauce, and send me cookies.


Solar Powered Underthings - May 23, 2006

We live in the age of technology, my friends. Power of various sorts is constantly humming and whirring in every corner. You cannot excape it. Mark my words, it will not be long before you find yourself, without a second thought, slipping into a nice fresh pair of....

Solar Powered Underthings!

Zanthor!! - May 13, 2006

 You are the Evil Lord Zanthor! Your task: Gain a gratifying sense of self-fulfillment and accomplishment by annihilating the weak pathetic masses of peasants who are annoying you by their existence. Beat the levels to upgrade your robot!

A TOBA game made for Pyweek 2 video game making competition!

Windows .ZIP | Source .TGZ

Macaroni and Cheese - May 11, 2006

Did you realize that a box of macaroni and cheese has 1240 calories when prepared as suggested?  But when you use whole milk and put in extra cheese chunks you can easily up that number to around 1625 calories?  Do you know how many calories 1625 calories is?  I can't even count that high.

Shen Memoir #8 - Macaroni and Cheese | text

The Lawn - May 9, 2006

Well, folks, it's about that time of year again. The one where a portion of your day will be consumed by lawn care. Lawn care is truly a high risk, full combat sport. Be careful out there.

The Lawn

Spiritual Advisor Paul, Holly and Calculus, Boob thing - May 4, 2006

Despite the fact that I eventually married one, girls have on occassion terrified me.

Spiritual Advisor Paul, Holly and Calculus, Boob thing | text

Dance of the Sledsquatch - May 4, 2006

As you may have noticed, this weeks tune was just a tidbit late.

That's because I was involved in an International Sledsquatch Race. In case you have not heard, a sledquatch is a sasquatch that has been bred to pull sleds. They are much bigger, faster, hairyer, smellier, and funner to whip that your average sled dog. It's very expensive to get into, but well worth it.

I didn't win. Maybe next year.

Dance of the Sledsquatch

when i'm alone - Apr 27, 2006

I don't know about you, but some days just aren't the best.  And when they aren't the best, it's time to sing.  So -- for the first time ever -- you can hear me singing my soul out.  Please be careful to emotionally prepare yourself before clicking on the link below.

when i'm alone

Canon in Chips - Apr 25, 2006

A tribute or a desecration?

Consider it what you will, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Canon in Chips

Shakespeare Perspective - Apr 22, 2006

Since I majored in creative writing I was also required to take an abundance of literature courses.  During English Literature I found that not only did I not understand Shakespeare but that it used old words that don't make sense to me.  Which is why, I suppose, I jumped at the opportunity to be a pirate in a Houghton Shakespeare play.

Shakespeare Perspective | text

The Admiral, Trashing Fealko's Room, Frisbee Manhood - Apr 20, 2006

I think the most manly thing we ever did on first Shen was to try to break into Fealko's room.  How wicked!  We used our full level of connivery and craftiness!

The Admiral, Trashing Fealko's Room, Frisbee Manhood | text

Classical Funk - Apr 18, 2006

Here's a tune that you may hear accompanying one of the upcoming (maybe) Olde Battleaxe video game releases!

Classical Funk

watermelons! - Apr 15, 2006

Have you ever wanted to bounce watermelons on trampolines for hours on end?  NOW YOU CAN!

a thiller game
* made in 4 hours *

Shen #5 - Fear in First, Dave and Calculus, Fealko - Apr 13, 2006

I met some bizarre people in college.  Including Nate Fealko.  Especially him.  Boy.  Anyway, here's the next chapter in the saga.

Fear in First, Dave and Calculus, Fealko | text

mmm, cheese... - Apr 11, 2006

This tune was written in the celebration of cheese!

So, before you listen, go to your fridge, cut off a nice savory slice of cheese, puch play on your media player of choice, and devour your cheese as the song makes you realize how blessed you truly are.

mmmm, cheese.

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