Here are some games that are Guaranteed Good Times!

The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! Use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds.
bounce watermelons on trampolines for hours on end! a thriller game * made in 4 hours *
The Hairy Chestival
Be quick and shave this man's chest hair before it grows back and win the Hairy Chestival!!
Escape from Anathema Mines
You've been a slave for too long, escape the Anathema mines!
Pretty in Pink
Do you want to be beautiful?
A great "smash-the-beasts" game with 3 different kinds of beasts and 23 levels of Beast smashin' good times!
Fractal Tetris
A good old classic tetris clone with great fractal backgrounds!
A classic arkanoid clone with a very spiffy space theme.

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