Escape from Anathema Mines

Ludum Dare - April 2005

This was my second Ludum Dare contest. This one was hosted at
You can see my contest diary here.

Enhanced Edition - Download

During the week after the contest I fixed a multitude of small bugs, and added a multitude of small enhancements.
Please try it out: pygame | windows.

Enhanced Edition - Changes



This year I spent around 2 hours planning before I actually started writing my game. I also bounced ideas around with some friends to come up with a really good game concept. I believe spending this time planning before actually creating really helped out in the fun factor this year. Last year my fun score was fairly low.

I used pygame again this year to great success. It was easy to get my game up and running and working quite nicely by the time the contest came around. I also used my own level and tile editors, which helped save a good deal of time. I also was able to use my MR-8 for recording sound effects, ModPlug and n-track for creating the music. I was quite pleased with the quality of audio I was able to create in about 2 hours. I also utilized friends to do play testing. This also helped in the fun factor, as I was able to get some good feedback on what parts of the game were fun, what levels were too hard, etc. I was also pleased to have enough time to create 5 levels for the contest, giving my game a fairly complete feel.

For next time, I am interested in learning a 3-D kit so that I can do fancier graphics. My game would have still been a 2-D game, but with the added light effects, I think that would have helped my production.

The Good

The Bad

I enjoyed this year's contest even more than last years. I am really enjoying trying out everyone's games, and I'm learning a lot on what I can do to improve my game making skills.

Special Thanks

Lyn - for being my poster child, and some testing
Tim - for being my primary tester
Dan - for being my backup tester
richard - for hosting the contest
#ludumdare - I had a great time, special "hoo rahs" to those who participated in the 2.5 hour mini "Road Trip" contest.

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