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Nan and the Door
Flour Bag Babies (Real Audio)
Fat Turkey (Fiction Version)
Phil and Dan Turn Bad
Christmas Tree Time
A Dr. Zoller Christmas
Fat Turkey (Real Audio)
Playing the Viola
Phil and Dan's Halloween (Real Audio)
The Days of the Militia Aren't Over Yet
The Militia Goes to College
Shen Memoir #12 for the Star: Baggage Hour
Purple Macaronis
The Swamp Fox
An Accident
Beasts of Burden (Real Audio)
Shen Memoir #6 for the Star: Macaronis
The Militia Goes to Fairwoods
The Militia Goes to Self-Esteem Camp
The Green Canoe
The Mudpuddle of Grace
The Burning
Mr. Tom and the Roof
Galcon   Watermelons   Dynamite   The Hairy Chestival
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