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more than just another stupid game... 13 of them!

Send your marbles to:

Philip Hassey
CPO 937
Houghton College
Houghton NY, 14744
Thank you very much. Enjoy the Rustics!

*news: two new Rustics in the C++ Rustics! Jewel Box and Dirt Race!*

1. Play the Java Rustic Classics
2. Read the instructions for the Java Rustic Classics
3. See fabulous screen shots! (from the DOS Edition)
4. Download the GAME! (DOS version, works under Windows)
5. How can I help? (for C++ or Java coders)
6. Links to other junk
7. A shrine to Beast (download the original!)

note: now there are two versions of the Rustic Classics! The Java edition, and the C++ DOS version. (Made with DJGPP and Allegro.) Check them out. I am encouraging others to help develop the Rustic Classics further. The C++ Rustics include all the Java games: Tron, Nibbles, Pacman, Joesnow 1 & 2, Beast, Centipede and Tetris. They also have these additional games: Arkanoid, Digger, Combat, Jewel Box, and Dirt Race! And as a bonus feature, there is highscores in the C++ Rustics!
And for this... I ask for a sign of thanks for the Rustic Classics... :-) MARBLES! Yes - marbles. As of late I've been hording them. So if you have any marbles laying around and you want to show your appreciation for the Rustic Classics, send them my way! If you want, I'll even put your name on a page of happy marble contributors!
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