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more than just another stupid game... 13 of them!

Vague Rustic Documentation
Keys and number of players can be changed in Defaults.

Tron - Don't run into anything
Beast - Smush all the beasts (H - a beast). Some beasts (H - a super beast) need to be surrounded with blocks to be smushed on all 8 sides. Eggs (oo - an egg) hatch into crazy beasts (H - a crazy beast). They can push stuff. You can push stuff. Smush things.
Joesnow - Try to get to the top of the screen with the highest score possible.
Nibbles - Don't run into anything, except for the magic purple things.
Pacman - Eat the magic pills and don't get eaten by anybody or anything.
Tetris - Line up the blocks in rows so that you don't fill up your screen thing.
Centipede - Avoid all the moving things and kill all the centipede body parts before they get to the bottom of the screen. You can kill other stuff too.

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