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more than just another stupid game... 13 of them!

So... you wanna help make the Rustic Classics
into the funnest collection of rustic old games in the world, 'eh?

"As long as they're Rustic, I'm in!"

Welcome, thank you for showing interest in helping with the Rustic Classics!

In order to help with the Rustic Classics I would like you to contact me personally, telling me what you want to do. By doing this, I can make sure only one person at a time is doing a certain task, and I will be able to give further guidance to the project. The source code can be downloaded here. If this project gets too large I will likely move it to sourceforge.

Current Rustic Classic Developers:

  • Philip Hassey - C++ & Java & Website (perl) - the 11 existing Rustics, and everything else
  • "Crazy Ben" Henshaw - Java - working on Pong for the Java Edition
How the code is currently organized and what it is made with:
  • The Java Edition is made with Java. However, the current Java edition may be tossed eventually.
  • The C++ Edition is made with C++.
  • DJGPP in particular, using Allegro for graphics.
  • In the C++ Ed. the Allegro graphic and sound routines are wrapped with various C++ classes so they can eventually be easily ported back to Java.
  • All graphics are resolution independant (to some extent).
  • There is a level and graphic editor already created for the Rustics.
Things you can do:
  • Write a new game for the C++ Rustic Classics!
    All games must:
    • Be able to have 4 player action at once
    • Be fun
    • Not be too hard to play
    • Be resolution independant
  • Better code & everything documentation. That's prolly my job.
  • Get the C++ Edition working under Linux. Get a Windows binary out, maybe with those neato resizeable windows.
  • Port the "game-engine" code back to Java, so that levels, images, and fonts can be loaded from files as in the C++ Edition.
  • Create a perl (or anything) script that can quickly and accurately convert the C++ games back into Java.
  • In the "new" Java version, get scores saved on the website.
  • Fix bugs in games, or make them better.
  • Eliminate redundant code, clean up code.
  • Write a new game for the Java Rustic Classics... not as prefered as a C++ one, as I'm hoping to toss out the current Java code for the Rustics and start over as implied above at some point. But I'm sure if you make something nifty in Java, and all this stuff ever happens, we'd be able to port it to C++ pretty easily, as long as you don't do anything too crazy. ;-)
  • Send me marbles.
Thanks for your help. Please contact me for further information!
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