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What's new February 19, 2002 :

Uhmn. Ha ha ha. Well, it's been a while, hasn't it. Not quite a year though. And nothing "new" to show for it either. Except that I just moved the site to a different location. You'll now find that www.imitationpickles.org sends you to www.philhassey.com/pickles. I did this to save money, and reduce the amount of complication in my life.

But get ready. Some day I'll update this site again. Maybe soon. Though I wouldn't be betting a whole heck of a lot of cash on that if I were you.

March 23, 2001 : Here we go..

March 16, 2001 : And yet another update!
  • Story Hour has another three stories! A Dr. Zoller Christmas, Christmas Tree Time, and Phil and Dan Turn Bad. Only 9 months and 9 days until Christmas!

March 7, 2001 : More Excitement and Adventure!

March 2, 2001 : More Updates!
  • Story Hour two new stories: Phil and Dan's Halloween (with Real Audio) and Playing the Viola.

February 23, 2001 : Tah day. Imitation Pickles has been around for just over two years now! Aren't you proud!
As a special suprise, for the next month, I think I'll be able to make weekly updates. :)
Anyway, lots of new stuff to check out:
  • Dan and Doug's Adventures in the Holy Land - Episode 1 - Dan's Plane Ride. This is going to be a brief 3-5 episode Adventure game series. Please click on 'help' when you get to the game if you don't understand how adventure games work. They're kinda fun. For this first episode you'll be playing the character of Dan. (And if you're really lazy, you can just click on "Hint" for hints, or "Solve" for the solution of the game, which is kind of like a story.)
  • Galcon is back up. And now it's running on my friend Jason's computer. It also has all new graphics, and is running on PHP instead of perl. So it will work more often now. :) Check that out, at least to see the new title screen.
  • Story Hour has some updates now. I've added the story Beasts of Burden in Real Audio format. So now you can listen to my stories right off the website. I'll be adding some more stories, some with Real Audio, later. Also, the ones with audio, you may need to turn your volume up a lot.
  • Lastly, email me if there are any problems with the above items. If you find that Galcon or Dan and Doug's Adventures aren't working, please tell me what went wrong.

December 19, 2000 : My Christmas update is here!
  • Pretty Christmas logo added above. Merry Christmas. Have fun, sing Christmas Carols for me.
  • I updated my email address. The old one probably doesn't work any more.
  • The Rustic Classics have been updated with several new games in the C++ version.
  • I made a site in exchange for marbles, check it out Dan's Marble Marvels.

October 18, 2000 : A myriad of exciting additions are here!
  • In Story Hour about eight new stories have been added. Check them out. Some are re-written Shen Memoirs, others are older stories, and four of them are all new exciting things..
  • An all new Shen Memoir is here. It is the long awaited "Kert 'the mac' Richardson" episode. Also Justin McDonald has added Appendix B: Refining Gold. Which is a historical look at my dating advice.
  • Also I added a links page. It will likely never be updated, and is probably wrong already.

August 11, 2000 : Check out some stuff I should have put up ages ago. Pictures of Junk, which is a new section. Now things like my apartment are in there two. The new stuff is pictures of Tim Inge's haircut, and some pictures from new years I wanted to put up. Very exciting.

June 1, 2000 : Boy, it's been a while. Check out ...butterflies... it's a mindless little game. :) Dedicated to Mark Williams and Tim Inge. I also updated the Mark Williams is Ugly pages. Two new ugly pictures of the man.

May 8, 2000 : Well, now that schools done, and Mayterm is about to be upon us, I finally did some stuff!

May 2, 2000 : And at last, Galactic Truths - Chapter 15 - The End. Enjoy. Have a good summer. Don't fall in.

April 25, 2000 : The long awaited... Galactic Truths - Chapter 14 - The Box of Truth. Spelling of Deeanne fixed in March 6, 2000 update. Thanks to the multiple reminders by Jason. :)

April 13, 2000 : Pictures of me 'n' Nan's Apartment are here for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to check them out, so you can see the totem pole I gave her. :) Word. Thanks to my Dad for the pictures.

March 28, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 13 - Rocks for All. If you haven't seen it for a while, check out Jed the Pet Rock again. Its kinda funny.

March 21, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 12 - Wally. What a cool name.

March 13, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 11 - The Pit of Unforeseen Fortune. Creepy sounding, 'eh?

March 6, 2000 :

February 26, 2000 : Well, due to a bug in Galcon, my cgi-bin was disabled. I have thus removed the game, until I fix the problem. (There are still links to it, but they won't work, I may remove them sometime soon.) My website was down for the last week and a half because my hosting service took a long time to reactivate it. Have a good break.

February 7, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 9 - The Nasty Yellow Bird. The adventure continues.

February 1, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 8 - Bill's Great Decree. I also added all the little pictures to make finding junk on the site a lot easier. I also added the new copyright information (a picture of Shiloh), see the (c) at the bottom of all the pages.

January 24, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 7 - The Ron of the Ancient Prophecies. Mmm. Food.

January 17, 2000 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 6 - The Planet of Infinite Piles of Greasy Good Food. I wish life was an unending pig roast some days.

January 10, 2000 : Welcome back to school, what fun. Don't learn to much for your own good. This semester I'm going to try to add something new every week, heh. For this week, Galactic Truths - Chapter 5 - The Oil Leak of Doom. Read it and be elightened.

January 3, 2000 : Happy new year. Amazing isn't it, all those Y2K food bunker people were wrong. I petted a cow for the year two thousand. I've also added some more junk: Enjoy the year, don't fall in.

December 27, 1999 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 3 - The Demon Chicken arriveth. Check it out, yo. Merry Christmas too. Ra ra ra.

December 20, 1999 : Galactic Truths - Chapter 2 - Douglas' Doily is done. Vote.

December 13, 1999 : Galactic Truths is here! Galactic Truths is an epic saga about the Galactic Defenders and Spaceman Andy. You will get to vote about what the next chapter will be about every time I put a new chapter up. I'll keep adding them about once a week. I also put up Christmas decorations.

December 11, 1999 : I made a better file not found screen for the site. It tries to send you to the page you were looking for. Coming soon: Galactic Truths!

November 18, 1999 : Lots and lots of new sutff, after a long time of silence.
  • The entire site has been changed. For the most part this "overhaul" change should be unapparent to you. If anything is wrong, please email me.
  • The Wedding Pictures have changed a lot. Now they show up and have nice captions, for whoever was wondering who was who.
  • The Shen Calendar is here! See the greatest men of our time in the new Shen Swimsuit Calendar!
  • The Nuclear Meltdown Productions web-site has been moved here. A handful of changes have been made. See the programs and games of the past that I've written.

August 8, 1999 : Galcon has a new text mode for those users that prefer Lynx over other browsers.

August 5, 1999 : Lots more Shen Stories. And I've added the Wedding Program from my wedding. Check it out. Lots of pictures me and Nan drew.

July 17, 1999 : The Pig Roast is finally here! See what conspired the day before the wedding! Chant along with the fun.

July 14, 1999 : I've added the First Shen Memoirs to the site. Check 'em out.

July 10, 1999 : I've fixed a few bugs in Galcon. I've also added Centipede to the Rustic Classics. So have fun.

June 26, 1999 : I've added Joesnow 2 to the Rustic Classics.

June 1, 1999 : Wedding pictures

May 17, 1999 : I'm getting married on May 29 to Nanno! Yeah! So there won't be anything more here for a month or two...but then, who knows. Have good summers everyone. Enjoy the weather. Play silly games when it rains. Rock on.

May 17, 1999 : The Rustic Classics have also been updated. Have fun.

May 15, 1999 : I updated Galcon finally! Java should now work in most browsers, and games shouldn't die anymore. :)

April 6, 1999 : Jed the Pet Rock is here! Go there now! Excitement! Adventure! Fun, mystery and suspence!
Also check out The Green Canoe and Jerry in Story Hour.

March 18, 1999 : See my family dog Shiloh being fed katsup.

March 10, 1999 : I added two more stories today. The Mudpuddle of Grace and The Burning. Coming soon: "The Adventures of Jed the Pet Rock."

February 19, 1999 : The Rustic Classics have been updated to include several new games and some "vague documentation." Now you can play them and know what you are doing?

Also rearranged the top page of imitationpickles, (as you can see) pretty 'eh? Any-a-way. Have fun.

February 16, 1999 : I have added the what's new section to the site. Now you can always find out what is new on imitation pickles.
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