The live album was recorded by Pete Witten on a Fostex MR-8 and its 38 self-illuminating buttons at the Crystal Lodge. 

The album was recorded on a Fostex MR-8 and its 38 self-illuminating buttons in Paul and Jill's bedroom.  The album was mixed with n-Track at Phil's.  Lake City, Colorado 2004.

Additional info about our fiddle medlies:

  • Two Dinners and a Sunday Brunch - a medly of the Tenpenny Bit, and the Drunken Piper
  • Scumm Bar - a medly of The Scumm Bar from Escape From Monkey Island, Scollay's Reel, and Reilly's Reel
  • Goat in the Rain - a medly of Goat on the Hill, and Coleraine
  • Gildevarna - a medly of Road to Lisdoonvarna and Gilderoy
  • Pierre's Pretty Arms - a medly of Pierre's Right Arm and the Pretty Blue Seagull
  • Begonia Breakdown - a medly of Miss Wedderburn, and Mairi's Wedding
  • Circassian Circus - a medly of Circassian Circle, and Over the Waterfall

Tunes learned largely from The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club tunebooks, the Captain Fiddle tunebooks, and whatever we came across among the ABC Tunes.  A majority of our tunes were played a fifth lower than normal, since Phil plays a viola.



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