This, the first of our National Parks, has to be one of the strangest places on earth, as well as one of the most beautiful.  Go T.R. for preserving it for us forever! 

Angry Dog

Old Faithful

Striped Mud

Anenome Geyser

Artist's Paint Pots

Left Over Paint

Primary Colors

Land of a Thousand Smokes

The Colonel!!!

The Colonel Continued

Porcelain Basin

Caribbean Blue

Green and Gold

Emerald Stream

Phil in the Steam

Underwater City

Congress Pool

Liberty Cap

Mammoth Hot Springs

Fractal Formations

Fantasy World

Canary Spring

Fairy Steps

Canary Spring Terraces

Colorful Mound

Roosevelt Falls


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Phil and the Lower Falls

Top of the Falls

Buffalo in the Snow

Home Again, Home Again

Galcon   Watermelons   Dynamite   The Hairy Chestival
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