Road Trip 2003

In January 2003, Phil and I decided to take a week-long trip to Massachusetts and Vermont.  Since we didn't want Cuzco to be lonely, we decided to take him along.  For the most part, he was good in the car, sleeping for almost the entire trip.  While in Massachusetts he enjoyed harassing the mother-in-law's dog, Shiloh, and while in Vermont he enjoyed climbing on the porch chairs and eating Grandma's potted plants (good thing they were already dead).  We caused a sensation when we walked through Stowe with a goat on the end of our leash!  

Cuzco also caused a couple of public disturbances on the way home.  One time was when Phil and I ran into K-Mart to buy windshield wipers and Cuzco untied himself and tried to follow us into the store.  Good thing it was an old one that didn't have automatic doors, otherwise he would have been running amok all over K-Mart!  As it was, he just caused a large concerned crowd to gather on the sidewalk.   

Later that day, Phil and I went into a mall to grab a bite to eat.  When we came out, we saw flashing lights in the vicinity of our car.  Mall security had heard rumor of a goat tied up in the parking lot and had come to investigate.  Cuzco had been making enough racket to waken the dead, knowing full well that someone would come pay attention to him if he was loud enough.  Mall security was nice enough not to give us a ticket.    

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