Cuzco the goat recently campaigned for Homecoming King at Houghton College. His campaign was very successful even though he did not recieve the crown. Cuzco feels that his campaign brought greater awareness to the campus about Homecoming elections, and suspects that Houghton is a better place because of his efforts.

Cuzco's election took place on September 27th, 2002 in the Campus Center at Houghton College. He appreciated the overwhelmingly positive respose he recieved.

Cuzco had a number of campaign goals when he set out to become Homecoming King at Houghton College. Almost all of his goals were realized. They were as follows:

  1. Win the Homecoming election for King (which, to everyone's dismay, he did not)
  2. Become a campus figure (see Mingling)
  3. Get his name in print (see articles about Cuzco)
  4. Money (you wouldn't believe how much...)
  5. Power (that too...)
  6. Women (see Scandals)
  7. Cars (see the Parade)
  8. Fame and Glory (see Marketing)
  9. Be known as a Scholar Servant and a Gentleman (see Philosophy)

If you want to see more pictures of Cuzco, you can also check out Cuzco's Goat Shrine.

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