Welcome to the official Nuclear Meltdown Productions Home Page!

Nuclear Meltdown Productions is an established group on the often made fun of American demo scene. Our goal is simply to have fun and put out an occasional production. We haven't been very active in the last couple years, but we hope to change that very soon. =)

First, let's start with a current-up-to-date-awesome-member-list.
Nuclear Meltdown Productions is:

Joe SnowMain Coder19
CluelessGore-dude and occasional coding21
EstebanGraphician (Retired)22

Next, let's take a look at all of our releases.

Release List

NameAuthorApprox. Release DateNotes
NM Intro 1 (BBS ad)Joe SnowJune '93
Ultimuh (Ultima parody)Joe SnowJuly '93
Joe Snow 1-4 (action games)Joe SnowAugust '93
Joe Snow Paint 1.01 (ANSi editor)Joe SnowDecember '93
Doom the Cheat 1-3 (Doom cheat)Joe SnowJanuary '94
Demons Revenge BBS AdJoe SnowJune '94
Pong 1.0 (action game)CluelessJune '95
NM2 (BBS ad)Joe SnowJuly '95
Soap (Dope parody)Joe SnowAugust '95
Coconuts BBS AdNM Prod.August '95
Joe Snow Paint 4 (ANSi editor)Joe SnowAugust '95
4.77 Mhz (8086 demo)Joe Snow February '96 (8086 demo compo) 1st place in Trixter's 8086 demo compo!!!
Small (4k intro)CluelessJune '96 (NAiD '96) ?th place in 4k Intro compo
The Mistake (effect)CluelessJune '96 (NAiD '96) ?th place in Best New FX compo
The Lynch (demo)NM Prod.June '96 (NAiD '96) 8th place in demo compo! (out of 17) See the official press release.
Galcon (strategy game)Joe SnowWinter '99 Although the DOS version of this game has never been release, I have created a web version of this enduring classic.
Rustic Classics (action game package)Joe SnowWinter '99 Although the DOS version of this game was also never released, I have created a java applet version of this enduring classic.

Ooooo...a sneak peak at our upcoming releases!

Future Releases

NameAuthorApprox. Release DateNotes
??? (demo?)NM Prod.Summer '99our summer production
SVGA Beast (remake of the classic)CluelessSummer '99Needs a total rewrite. See the above mentioned Rustic Classics to play the java version of this beautiful game.
Pong 2.0 (bigger and better)Cluelesswho knows?In the conceptual stage

The Official Nuclear Meltdown Productions Information File (includes lots of background and history of the group & its members, but needs updating*)

*Needs a lot of updating, which will likely never happen. This is kept here mostly for historical value. The addresses, phones, etc are no longer ours. (As of 11/17/99, Jason and I live in NY, and I have no idea where Steve lives. Also Steve and I are married now. We all own cars now, and have faster computers. In my case I have four.)

Contact Info

Internet: Clueless: jkm153@alumni.psu.edu
Joe Snow: philip_hassey@houghton.edu
BBS: Nuclear Meltdown BBS (508) 234-xxxx
email Joe Snow or Clueless

Well, that's about it. I hope you feel that you know us a little better now...

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