Partners in Crime

The animals, particularly Cuzco and Jet, are famous for their mischief, usually done in collaboration.  Add the neighbors dog, Bounce, into the mix, and we had quite a crime ring on our hands.  Unfortunately, most of their shenanigans were never actually photographed (the photographer usually being preoccupied by cleaning up the path of destruction while trying to thwart future attacks), but they were frequently caught hanging out together, no doubt planning the next job or else fighting among themselves as gangsters will do.  

Caught in the Act!

Cinder Block Battle

Top Dog

The King's Counsel

Further Counsel

Cuzco Descends



Hide the Loot!

Mad Chase



The Raid


Fight for the Waterhole

Verdict: Guilty!

Feeding Frenzy

Galcon   Watermelons   Dynamite   The Hairy Chestival
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