Easter is the awsomest horse ever to grace the planet.  I raised her from a foal in Colorado, took her to college in Houghton, NY, and then took her back to Colorado a few years later.  Easter was foaled on March 26, 1989, one day after Easter, thus her name.  Incidentally, I was born March 21, 1979, so Easter was like a 10th birthday present in a way, even though she did not officially become mine for two more years (that's when I started paying the bills).  

Easter is a Quarter Horse mare, 14.3 h.h., and she is famous for her kind, willing, and gentle disposition.  She has taught numerous people how to ride and care for a horse, restored confidence in riders frightened by other horses, and given handicapped people the unique experience of riding, or even just leading or hugging and kissing a horse.  Easter is a jack-of-all-trades, doing her best at any activity to which she is introduced, be it trail obstacles, team penning, jumping, sidesaddle, pulling sleds, baby-sitting, playing games, or becoming a mother. 

Easter takes excellent care of the people in her charge.  She also has an excellent memory and usually knows the patterns at a show better than her rider.  There have been many occasions when a nervous kid at her first show has had to ask Easter what to do next.  Easter has memorized dressage tests, trail patterns, jump courses, and even x-country trails.  She's also gotten me out of many a sticky situation when I have gotten lost on trail rides, sometimes miles from home and after dark.  She always remembers the way home, even when there is no trail to follow and no light to see.  All I have to do is just drop the reins on her neck and trust her.  What an awsome horse!     

Easter the Reindeer

Christmas Pony

Bob Pets Easter


Rodeo Queen

Easter and I

Make a Joyful Noise!

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy 2

Easter in Negative

Homecoming Parade

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