Barbie Seahorse Adventures

A PyWeek #4 Entry by "The Olde Battleaxe"

You're a seahorse - and you want to go to the moon!

Deluxe Download!

The deluxe version contains lots of bug fixes, about 10 new levels and
it's a lot more deluxe than the compo version. Download it now!



philhassey - director, code, levels
trick - tiles, sprites
pekuja - code, levels
tim - music, levels
DrPetter - backgrounds, sfx

Also thanks to:
fydo (level), Lerc (gfx), Tee (level)

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Compo download available on the PyWeek website. If you want to see the project as it evolved,
you can check out svn:// ... Have fun!

Jungle Phase

Volcano Phase

Moon Phase

Boss Phase
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