LD 48 hour Log

Friday 7:00pm MST

The theme is "infection" can't think of what to do.

Friday 8:00 MST

Decided to make a game about goats (what I wanted to do anyways.) Goats will be able to get infected with a goat-bloat virus (somewhat realistic, search for goat bloat, and find out.) Your goal will be to herd them into the pen where a vet will give them shots for goat bloat. If you take too long, the virus can spread among the goats, and if you really take too long the goats will get bigger and bigger and bigger and finally explode, infecting all the goats within a radius.

Friday 9:00 MST

Got told to just make my own level editor. So I did. Here's a screen shot of a just created level.

Friday 9:30 MST

Spent the last half an hour fooling around with this site. Deployed it.

Friday 11:30 MST

Last two hours spent adding in the player and some goats. Sort of. The player can run around after your mouse pointer, and the goats just mill about randomly. Gotta make them do more interesting stuff tomorow. Time for bed for me.

Saturday 8:00am MST

Woke up. Time to get to work!

Saturday 8:30 MST

Got the sprites facing different directions as well as being sort of animated. Calls for a new screenshot.

Saturday 10:00 MST

Look: 100 goats milling around!

Saturday 12:30 MST

Tile graphics cleaned up. Game play mostly working. Goats can bloat, infect each other, and get cured at the red cross.

Saturday 5:30 MST

Player, Goat graphics cleaned up. All tiles adjusted a bit. Added rocks. Got a font. Added in scoring. Added in sarcasm line at bottom of screen. Adjusted play a little bit.

Saturday 8:15 MST

Goat graphics re-drawn so they look like goats instead of weird beetles. Created all sound effects and music tracks and added those into the game.

Saturday 9:30 MST

Took a shower, now I'm giving up for the night. 12 hours straight coding. That's a lot. Anyway, as a final bouns here's a new progress screen shot and the title music Turkey in the Straw - removed, just get the game now.


Made all the rest. Download it now from this page.

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