1. Goat Strut
2. Stuck in a bucket
3. Smiling
4. Nibbling on the big blue bucket
5. Close up of face, pink nose
6. Big goat ears
7. Having a conference with Nan and Jet
8. Sleeping while Easter was foaling
9. A proud pose
10. Plowing the big blue bucket
11. Being hauled by Nan to the barn
12. Just arrived at T.K.'s
13. The first night in the scary barn
14. Hiding behind the stall door
15. Challenging Bounce from atop his cinder blocks
16. Being an Easter bunny
17. Gorging himself in the bucket
18. Confrontation with Easter
19. Doing acrobatics by Easter's stall
20. Itching his horns
21. Attacking the Shrine
22. Being chased around the horses by Bounce
23. Approaching the Shrine
24. Nibbling on hay on the Shrine
25. Standing on the Shrine
26. Being a contortionist
27. Sticking his head in a bucket
28. Nibbling on halters with Jet
29. Innocently sticking his head under the board
30. Feeding frenzy
31. Stretching out on the gravel
32. Dancing
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